BioCentral Laboratories Limited developed BLAZETAMER380™ in response to a need for a high performance aerial fire suppression product with a low risk to human health and the environment. While this overview is intended to answer general questions regarding the impacts of BLAZETAMER380™, the Material Safety Data Sheet should always be consulted as the source of health and safety information. Your BLAZETAMER380™ distributor will supply an MSDS on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLAZETAMER380™?

BLAZETAMER380™ is a polymer-based Water Enhancer designed for deployment by aircraft – both fixed and rotary wing – to suppress wildfires. The product can also be used in ground engines by applying the recommended dosage to the water and agitating for a few minutes. Recirculating through the pump will yield the best results.
After completing 11 years of a rigorous and comprehensive testing regime BLAZETAMER380™ has full United States of America Department of Agriculture-Forest Service (USDA-FS 5100-306a) accreditation. It is accredited for use by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Council (AFAC). It has been approved for use in the EU. No product on the market today, used in firefighting, has undertaken to be as closely scrutinized by testing authorities globally as has BLAZETAMER380™.

What does BLAZETAMER380™ contain and how does it work?

BLAZETAMER380™ contains a mix of polymers, surfactants, water and other ingredients. When applied, BLAZETAMER380™ is mixed in very small concentrations with water (from 0.1% to 0.65%). Even at the highest rate only 6.5 litres of BLAZETAMER380™ is used in each 1,000 litres of water dropped from aircraft.
While the applied mix contains very little BLAZETAMER380™ it has a significant impact on the fire. Water alone suppresses fires as energy from the fire is required to heat the water and break the molecular bonds in the solution. When mixed with BLAZETAMER380™, water forms strong molecular bonds with the polymer and much larger amounts of energy are absorbed. As a result, BLAZETAMER380™ increases the fire suppression capability of water by over 43%. In addition, the stronger molecular bond significantly reduces drift when deployed from aircraft increasing the efficiency of the product and allowing greatly improved targeting in fire situations.

What effect will BLAZETAMER380™ have on health?

None. The toxicity of BLAZETAMER380™ has been extensively tested. Those tests show the product to be non-toxic at normal levels of exposure. ‘Normal Levels of Exposure’ is identified as, “a water enhancing additive, used to extinguish fires at the recommended dosage rate of between 0.1% and 6.5%”.
No significant health effects would be expected or has been recorded due to ingestion or contact with the mixed solution. Ingestion of concentrate, eye contact or prolonged skin contact should always be avoided as a matter of good practice. A doctor or poisons information centre should be consulted if the concentrate is swallowed. Should skin or clothing come into contact with the concentrate it is good practice to wash at the earliest opportunity. All toxicity testing was conducted by independent authorities using EPA, WHS and OSHA protocols under the auspices of the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and Safe Work Australia.

What effect will BLAZETAMER380™ have on the environment?

While BLAZETAMER380™ is not formally classed as a readily biodegradable product, the applied diluted solution breaks down over time, (approximately 100 days) and is eventually degraded by biological and UV action. Such degradation ensures no harmful residues remain in the environment.

Does BLAZETAMER380™ present a hazard to plants or agricultural crops?

No. The mixed solution of BLAZETAMER380™ is not harmful to plants or agricultural crops. For many years similar polymers have been used on food crops in agriculture for water retention, spray drift reduction and efficiency improvements in nutrients. The polymers have no effect on the plants themselves and residues are not harmful to humans or animals.

Will BLAZETAMER380™ kill fish?

In order to obtain U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service approval for BLAZETAMER380™ extensive, independent testing was conducted to assess the potential environmental impact of the product on fish populations. While the concentrate has a slight level of toxicity to fish, the mixed product presents very low risk when considering the extremely small quantities likely to enter waterways. During the toxicity testing conducted the USDA a ZERO Mortality rate for the Baby Rainbow Trout was achieved by the BLAZETAMER380™. It has been subject to assessment and is approved for use in water catchment areas of Australia and the USA.

Is BLAZETAMER380™ harmful to wildlife, farm animals or pets?

The low dilution ratios of BLAZETAMER380™ concentrate applied does not present a risk to wildlife, farm animals or pets. Additionally, any small amounts of BLAZETAMER380™ which may remain on plants or pasture can be safely ingested by animals.

What should I do if an aircraft applied BLAZETAMER380™ to my house?

Don’t be alarmed. After a fire event it is always good practice to inspect your dwelling to determine if there has been fire or ember damage followed by a good cleaning of ash and residue from gutters. Prior to fire events, householders should block and fill gutters with water, making clean-down easy when the fire has passed. BLAZETAMER380™ will not damage structural surfaces, timber or paintwork. However, some smooth non porous surfaces can remain slightly slippery and copious amounts of water should be applied by hose to wash it off. Householders should not flush fire suppression products into holding tanks for drinking water supplies. Concrete or paved surfaces around the home should be washed down with water. Any BLAZETAMER380™ which falls on gardens or gravel surfaces will break down and degrade over time.

How do I clean up BLAZETAMER380™ concentrate?

The following specific instructions for BLAZETAMER380™ will ensure easy and efficient clean-up of both spills, equipment and personnel.
Wipe skin thoroughly with paper towels to remove excess product. Wash with copious amounts of clean water and preferable a citrus based cleaner, not essential. Remove as much product from clothes as possible with paper towels. Rinse affected area with clean water. Launder in normal manner.
Wipe equipment thoroughly with paper towels. Once all excess product has been removed, clean with proprietary citrus-based cleaner then wash the excess off with copious amounts of clean water.
Spills should always be contained and absorbed IMMEDIATELY. For spills on natural surfaces (soil, sand, gravel), cover with plenty of absorbent material (such as soil/earth) and sweep up once the concentrate has been absorbed. Hose down residue with copious amounts of water.
For spills on artificial surfaces (bitumen, concrete etc) it is important that absorbent material (soil is ideal) be applied immediately. The spill should be completely covered with absorbent and worked with a shovel until all of the product is absorbed. Sweep up the absorbent material and dispose. Apply copious amounts of clean water to remove any remaining product residue. For spills on artificial surfaces, clean-up should be conducted promptly and all traces of product washed from the surface immediately.

What types of fires will this product extinguish?

BLAZETAMER380™ has used to extinguish many types of fire with the exception of Electrical fires. Testing in both controlled and uncontrolled environs demonstrated the versatility of BLAZETAMER380™. To date the product has demonstrated its ability to control:

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