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BLAZETAMER380™ is a water enhancer used for increasing the efficiency of water for the purpose of Class A Fire Suppression.

In diluted mixture for fire fighting applications BLAZETAMER380™ delivers significantly superior fire extinguishing performance characteristics, resulting in substantially less water use and a reduction in the time required to extinguish the fire. BLAZETAMER380™ requires no clean-up and trials have resulted in greatly reduced instances of re-ignition.

Using BLAZETAMER380™ the fire fighter takes the offensive approach to attack the fire, minimizing the fire effects in the wildland/urban interface. The unique properties of BLAZETAMER380™ provide an excellent medium, which can be created using backpacks and all handlines. This ground application is particularly useful in building a fire line, and for direct attack, prescribed burning and mop-up operations.

BLAZETAMER380™ is especially beneficial for any type of air attack, including helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. It is well suited to provide accurate and reduced drop zone footprint by reducing drift caused by strong winds by up to 71%.

BLAZETAMER380™ solution dropped from aircraft or helicopters will assist in controlling fire spread and greatly reduce the amount of time required and water used to successfully attack the fire. The unique formulation of BLAZETAMER380™ creates an excellent fire break by penetrating Class A materials to increase the moisture content of the fuel, thus inhibiting ignition.

Ideally suited to aerial and ground application for wildfire fighting and structural fire fighting, BLAZETAMER380™ has also been proven to be very effective in the suppression of Class A, Class B and Class F fires.

Developed and successfully tested in Wildfire conditions, new BLAZETAMER380™ concentrate uses up to 35% less water to extinguish fires. BLAZETAMER380™ guarantees safe handling for fire fighters and is proven harmless to humans, animals and vegetation. BLAZETAMER380™ is not a Gel or a Foam and it is totally noncorrosive.


  • Meets USDA Forest Service Requirement per Specification 5100-306a.
  • Environmentally responsible formulation.
  • Non Toxic, Non Hazardous, Non Corrosive (USDA-FS)
  • No residual clean up requirement
  • Contains NO alcohols
  • Complies with OH&S regulations
  • Assists pilots in hitting targeted drop zone/area consistently by reducing spray drift
  • Reduces pumping load dynamics
  • Reduces evaporation rate
  • Fast knockdown
  • Inhibits re-ignition
  • Biodegradable
  • BLAZETAMER380™ is not a super-absorbent

BLAZETAMER380™ delivers Laminar Flow…Laminar flow, the opposite of turbulent flow, occurs with water at higher velocities;

This translates into;

  • Reduced pumping load dynamics caused by friction
  • Reductions in pumping pressures
  • Less wear and tear on pumping equipment
  • Faster, friction modified, hose line flow effort and
  • Increases throw by up to 100% safer for fire fighters







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