Shaun Hearmon - BlazeTamer

We were introduced to this product through brigade member Steve Tobin.

We were given some of the product to use at our annual town burn for blacking out, where the product was given out to other brigade members to try both in our tankers and in their private vehicles. The results were quite positive with many “old timers” impressed with the way the product worked and the fact that items that were typically difficult to fully extinguish eg old dry cow pats were completely put out on the first application. After a successful trial we then had the opportunity to meet with John Stepanic where he came and fully explained the way the product worked and showed us working demos of it being used in an aerial application and discussed the many questions we had.

In December 2014 we experienced a 5500 hectare wildfire in our patch and to me that’s where Blaze Tamer really came into its own. If you can imagine the chaos that’s involved with a wildfire event of this size you can appreciate the relief when you can use a product that works as effectively as Blaze Tamer. Tall & hollow burning trees known as candles were extinguished easily and permanently with the use of the product.

With the results I’ve seen with personal experience I would recommend the use of Blaze Tamer.

Shaun Hearmon
Captain Longwood rural fire brigade


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