Trevor & Constantia Jepson - BlazeTamer

On this farm we have fire-fighting equipment which can carry a total of three and a half tons of water. Bushfires swept through this valley on the 7th and 8th of February this year. To our surprise, the little 100lt slip-on on the back of our four-wheeler was by far the most valuable unit.

We carried a 1lt bottle of BlazeTamer roughly marked in 200ml and added this amount to the water each time we refilled. Despite a very weak spray pattern, fires were quenched immediately and did not re-ignite. An amazing sight in phalaris grassfires! We later removed filters on the pump and enlarged the nozzle to give better delivery. The BlazeTamer also enabled us to save fiercely burning gum trees, burning and smouldering logs and fence posts etc. In other places spot-fires, even in tall phalaris were quickly doused with a minimum of water.
(We had sprayed around the house and garden first to give them some protection while we did all of the above).

When chasing one fast-moving grass fire, I ran out of mix at a crucial moment and used 20lt of plain water til help came. I was immediately faced with the usual problems when fighting grass fires; flames jumping ahead of the fire fringe; flaring up behind; and leaving smoldering dung pats. After properly refilling the tank with water and adding BlazeTamer, I was rapidly able to regain control of the fire. This was an ungrazed paddock of tall phalaris and despite the flames in front of me arching over the little four-wheeler, neither the treated tyres,
nor the treated shade-cloth on the canopy were even marked. Nor were the clothes I had sprayed, and I was not aware of any excessive heat. My husband had a simmilar experience later the same night in steeper hill country.

The result was three and a half kilometres of blackened earth on the west side of the road, and seemingly untouched grass on ours.

Now we plan to use the product in all fire equipment.


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